"Build My Wig" Service

With this service, you can create a unique wig that will be customised just for you! At Radiant London Salon, we pride ourselves in providing quality handmade wigs that our client will feel confident to wear, whilst they protect their hair underneath!

How does the process of the "Build My Wig" service work?

 Step 1
Carefully choose each item you need for your wig and ensure you give us as many details about your desired wig as possible, to ensure we provide you with everything you want! Even down to the side you want your parting.
Step 4
Select your wig cap size or opt to have an in-salon measurement consultation
Step 2
Select your "Wig Type"
Step 5
Now it's time to purchase your items! If you opted to have your measurement done at the salon, a member of our team will contact you within 48 hours to arrange an consultation. *Please note we are closed on Sundays and Mondays
Step 3
Select the style of hair you want to use for your wig
Step 6
Once your wig has been made, You can either come in for your fitting appointment or have your wig shipped to you within 7-14 days* from the date the payment was made.
*International shipping may take a few days longer than domestic shipping.